On Wamda

On Harvard’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness: Improving the Competitiveness of the Tourism Cluster in Tunisia

In Harvard’s Women’s Policy JournalThe Future of Development in Liberia: Keeping Women on the Agenda

On Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Program’s the WAPPP Wire

On Building Markets


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  1. Hello

    We are publishing a new book on 30 years (1983-2013) of operations of Grameen Bank. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word, and thus helping us publishing the book.

    Press Release:

    Pearl River Books announces the publication of its new book: “Grameen Bank and Muhammad Yunus: 30 Years in Creating a World Without Poverty”

    The book is going to conduct the first comprehensive examination and review of 30 years of operations of the Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank.

    The book is to be published in fall 2014 – in both paper and e-book/Kindle editions. Visit our Kickstarter site to know more about the book and to support it:

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