World Economic Forum at Davos: Old Capitalism is Dead. Long Live… Capitalism?

This post also appears on the Women and Public Policy Program of Harvard Kennedy School wire.

Last week, 2,600 of the world’s most powerful gathered in the recluse ski resort of Davos for the 42nd World Economic Forum – and I was lucky to be there. Amidst the lavish parties (Mick Jagger!), limousine/helicopter rides, and icy sidewalks, the general mood was a somber one.

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Some Favorite Quotes from World Economic Forum in Davos

“Success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women. […] We never call boys bossy. Any of the women in the room who as a girl were called bossy? If you got to  Davos you were called that. I was!”
~ Sheryl Sandberg, on women as the way forward.

“I have succeeded so much in life because I only had to compete with half the population.”
~ Warren Buffet, on gender equality.

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Everyone Has a Story (Liberia Archives)

 K. Lost both parents to the war at age 13.
Taught me how to play a card game called “AK47“.

Le Quarantième Jour

J’aurais aimé être avec toi aujourd’hui. Aussi fort que j’aurais aimé être présente le jour de ton départ le 4 Décembre pour te dire adieu en bonne et due forme.
A défaut, j’honore ta mémoire à distance, dans mon petit studio de Boston. Je sais que tes autres petits fils font de même, de Londres, Dublin, San Francisco, les Alpes, Montréal, Illinois, Dubaï, Bogota, et Paris. Tu vois, Jeddo, ta semence a fait le tour du monde.
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Revolution Tourism in Tunis

I was in Tunis for the one-year anniversary of the revolution – Dec 17.
The energy, optimism and pride of everyone I met was truly inspiring.

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