Most Valuable Purchase

For the electricity cuts and the walks back home after sunset.

It gets pitch dark around 7:30 pm. A combination of lack of public electricity on the roads (less than 30% of Monrovia, home to 1.1 million, has access to electricity) and the heavy clouds of the rainy season (starless sky!)

3 thoughts on “Most Valuable Purchase

  1. That’s a relief then, phew. Things are well here, as it has calmed down from the travel but now time to work on proposals and tightening up the M&E component of this food security project. Goma is not nearly as lootworthy as Kin but it has more violence issues. Ha, safe thus far. You too, keep safe!

    NB. One of two expat grocery stores here is owned by a Lebanese. Y’all have such a huge diaspora!

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